People’s deputy of Ukraine Taras Chornovil promulgated a statement in which he accuses the present president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko of direct link with the sale of Ukrainian cruise missiles to Iran and China.

The statement was sent to ForUm’s address with the reference to the press-service of the deputy.

The full text of the statement:

"In connection with the Ukrainian president’s confirmation of the fact of sale Ukrainian cruise missiles to Iran and China, state Mass-Medias reported that the illegal operation was conducted by the previous government. To specify the real situation of the crime I must say that the fact of illegal sale was discovered exactly by the former government and it initiated the investigation of this case. The sale operation of the cruise missiles was conducted during tenure of Victor Yushchenko on the post of the prime minister of Ukraine (beginning of 2000 year – contraband of six cruise missiles to China, May-June of 2001 – illegal export to Iran).

Such large operations of weapon trade could be conducted only with prime minister’s knowledge. The very fact that the investigation was initiated during Kuchma’s regime can testify that the sale operation was a governmental one. Otherwise, the initiation of the investigation by the law-enforcement structure, fully controlled by Leonid Kuchma, looks illogical.

Also an alarming symptom is the fact that Mass-Medias repeatedly mentioned the name of the president’s brother Petr Yushchenko in connection with this case. There was published information about detaining of Ukrainian aircraft with contraband weapon in Moldova. The Kharkov business structure, headed by Petr Yushchenko, was among the founders of the firm – contrabandist.

Thus, the new president should assume the whole responsibility for the actions which threatened the peace in the world".

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