According to renewed edict of the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, the head of Microsoft Corp. Bill Gates is included into the staff of Investment Consulting Council.

Due to the text of the edict "About complementary measures concerning increasing of efficiency of International Investment in Ukraine Consulting Council", published on the official site of parliament of Ukraine, the quantity of government’s representatives in the Council was increase from five persons to ten, the quantity of representatives of investors was reduced from 28 persons to 13.

In particular, the Council consists of:

  • President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko – the head of the council
  • State Secretary Alexander Zinchenko
  • First vice-premier Anatoly Kinah Chairman of Verkhovna Rada Vladimir Litvin (by consent)
  • Minister of finance Victor Pinzenik Vice-premier Oleg Ribachuk
  • Deputy of State Secretary Boris Sobolev
  • Chairman of National Bank of Ukraine Vladimir Stelmah (by consent)
  • Minister of Economy and Eurointegration Sergey Terehin
  • Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko
  • President of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates (by consent)
  • President of rating agency Moody’s Raymond McDaniel  (by consent)
  • President of American Trade Chamber in Ukraine Horhe Zukossky (by consent)
  • Vice President of World Bank in Europe and Central Asia Shigeo Katsu (by consent)
  • President of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) Jan Lemier (by consent)
  • President of closed joint-stock company “Craft Foods Ukraine” George Christopher Logush (by consent)
  • President of business association Biorn Markstedt (by consent)
  • President of Company Ernst &Young Global Paul Ostling (by consent)
  • Delegate of German economy in Ukraine Carin Rau (by consent)
  • President of "Cargill Europe" Company Dave Rogers (be consent)
  • Chairman of  "Barclay’s Capital" Hans York Rudolf (by consent) 
  • President of Investment bank “TRAST” Iliya Yurov (by consent)
  • President and chief executive director of Western NIS Enterprise Fund Natalie Ann Yaresko (by consent) 

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