Today, 136 peacemakers of 7th detached mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will return to Ukraine from Iraq, UNIAN reported.

The same day, April 15, the group of the new rotation of the Ukrainian peacemaking contingent in Iraq will be conveyed to Iraq by two flights of Il-76 jets of "Ukrainian Aircraft Transport Company". In particular, 89 troops of 81st tactic group (TG) and 44 officers of the operations group of Ministry of Defense will arrive to "Delta" basic camp of the Ukrainian contingent.

The rotation is planned to be completed to May 12. It will involve 42 aircraft flights.

In the course of the rotation, 1394 troops of 7th detached mechanized brigade will return to Ukraine. Besides, 73 battle machines and 30 containers with military property, which are freed in connection with withdrawal and cannot be sold to the Iraqi law-enforcement structures, will be delivered to Ukraine by a sea ferry.

In their turn, 864 troops of 81st tactic group, along with 41 military advisers – Ukrainian officers, specially trained for servicing in headquarters of Ministry’s of Defense structures, will be conveyed to Iraq.

The current rotation marks the second stage of the planned gradual reduction and withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the Republic of Iraq. As a result, the total number of the Ukrainian peacemaking contingent in this country will be reduced to 690 troops.


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