Once Nickolay Melnichenko had addressed Boris Beresovsky to he financed decoding of records, Alexander Goldfarb (the head of Civil Liberties Fund) and historian Yurij Phelshtinsky declared on today’s press-conference.

Phelshtinsky admitted that the Fund had the only interest – "to find any information about terrorist acts, happened in Moscow in 1999".

Giving the records, Melnichenko demanded "a salary", 10 thousand dollars per month to pay his bills and advocate. The records were delivered to former official of State Security Cabinet (KGB), Yurij Shvets, who immigrated to the USA in the nineties. Shvets organized decoding of records and published them on the site "the 5th element".

A conflict happened between Melnichenko and Shvets at the end of 2002 year. Melnichenko declared that, having published the records, Shvets threatened Melnichenko’s life and lives of many people in Ukraine.

Then Beresovsky stopped financing the decoding and "the 5th element". Melnichenko did not communicate with Beresovsky and Shvets for some time. However, March 4, 2005 Melnichenko called Beresovsky from Warsaw and said he was afraid for his safety after he became to know about Kravchenko’s death. The same day Beresovsky sent an aircraft which delivered Melnichenko to London. Representatives of the fund tried to persuade Melnichenko to testify and give the records to General Prosecution of Ukraine. They even arranged a consultation with Ukrainian advocate Andrey Fedur. However, Melnichenko again refused to testify.


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