The minister of internal affairs of Ukraine Yurij Lucenko appealed to Verkhovna Rada with request to "bring changes into legislation to let officials of State Auto Inspection to seize driving license from persistent violators".

According to Lucenko, a driving license must be seized in four cases: drunken driving, commission of road transport incident, driver’s disappearance from a scene of road transport incident, break of traffic regulations crossing a railway track.

Ministry of internal affairs of Ukraine intends to liquidate "protective" license plates.

Thousands of the special license plates like "VR", "CM" and "AP", as well as police’s "MI", which were used by whoever, will disappear. Employees of MIA will change to the license plates of dark blue colour; statesmen will get license plates of white colour with black numbers of three digits.

"The president of Ukraine will get the number 001, the chairman of Verkhovna Rada – 002, the prime minister – 003, the State Secretary – 004 and so on", - Lucenko declared.

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