Israeli Company "Supercom", which specializes in producing passports, can appeal to international degree of jurisdiction with a claim against Ukrainian government, if government does not pay for company’s service, the official representative of the company Eyal Tukhman declared.

Having won in the tender, "Supercom" started producing Ukrainian foreign and internal passports by request of Ukrainian government. However, production chain was postponed and the concern EDAPS, formed for this, started to co-operate with another technologic maker despite of the contract with Israeli Company. March 11 the president of Ukraine abolished the previous edict concerning EDAPS.

The representative of "Supercom" admitted that Ukraine paid off partially for company’s service and equipment. Pays-off were stopped after government of Victor Yanukovich had come to power. Now Ukraine’s debt makes $20 million. If the problem with passports is not solved the company will appeal to degree of jurisdiction of European Union.

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