Prosecutor general Svyatoslav Piskun and minister of internal affairs Yurii Lucenko deny any political causes in Kolesnikov’s case. They declared in Verhovna Rada yesterday that Kolesnikov’s case is a criminal case only.

On March 25 the deputy of prosecutor general brought an action against the chairman of Donetsk region administration according to article 189, part 4 of Criminal Code of Ukraine (Extortion which caused a great physical injury, Extortion accomplished by an organized group or Extortion with infliction of heavy bodily injuries" – is punished by imprisonment from 7 to 12 years with confiscation of property). Main investigatory department of Ministry of Internal Affairs was engaged into prejudicial inquiry.

April 5, the case passed to Main investigatory department of General Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine. April 6, Boris Kolesnikov was arrested according to the article115 of Criminal Code of Ukraine (calculated murder). Presently Kolesnikov stays in temporal isolation ward of MIA in Kiev and is provided with right of defence.

Within this case Court decided to search Kolesnikov’s apartment in Donetsk.

Investigation determined that Kolesnikov demanded stocks of an enterprise from some persons. In the case of refusal he threatened to murder. Three murderous assaults were perpetrated on a man, who was forced to give up stocks.

Besides, Main investigative department of general Prosecution brought an action according to the article 110 of Criminal Code of Ukraine (infringement on territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, i.e. separatism).

Boris Kolesnikov is among persons charged with separatism.

Yesterday Pechersky district court of Kiev started to examine Kolesnikov’s case at the suit of Kolesnikos’s advocate Andrey Fedur. The advocate accuses General prosecution of illegal arrest of Boris Kolesnikov.

Boris Kolesnikov was not present in court, which is violation of European Convention of Human Rights.

The prosecutor suggested to postpone the processing of complaint, because he did not familiarize with the claim and evidence. Another reason for postponing was absence of the investigator charged with this case for unknown reason.

During the interval the court came to know that escort service could not deliver Kolesnikov to the court, as application for delivery was received too late. Also the court got information that the investigator charge with this case is out of Kiev.

The court took a recess till April 8, 1:45 p.m.

Kolesnikov’s advocate considers that prosecution stalls for time to find any material to ground Kolesnikov’s arrest.

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