Today the chairman of Donetsk region administration, member of Party of Regions, Boris Kolesnikov was called for interrogation concerning the events happened in Severodonetsk on November 2004.

After three hours and a half, the investigator charged with this case called the Kolesnikov’s adviser and informed that Kolesnikov had been arrested and needs an advocate.

Kolesnikov is accused of incitement to separatism during party meeting in Severodonetsk.

Some hours later the press-secretary of the chairman of Donetsk region administration Elena Bondarenko reported that Kolesnikov was arrested in connection with another article of Criminal Code, but she did not specify which one.

This information was confirmed by the member of faction of Party of regions Igor Shkirya.

About 20 deputies of Party of Region arrived to General Office of Public Prosecutor to find out the reason of Kolesnikov’s arrest.

The leader of the party Victor Yanukovich also arrived to the prosecution. He considers Kolesnikov’s arrest a political order.

"First Kolesnikov was accused of separatism, now they say it is another criminal case. I consider it a political order…Today, society does not believe that Law reigns in Ukraine. The new administration makes impossible to say the truth…I also took part in that meeting and expressed my opinion about Ukraine’s future, but I was not called for interrogation to General Prosecution", - Yanukovich underlined.

"I want to say that future of Ukraine is in regions, and it is not a separatism, but federalism. This system unites people around region’s culture and economics. Why can not we speak about it?!", - Yanukovich added.

Famous lawyers Andrey Fedur, who advocated Pavel Lasarenko and represented Gongadze’s mother Lesya Gongadze, and Elena Lukash, who represented Yanukovich in Supreme Court, will advocate the chairman of Donetsk region administration Boris Kolesnikov.

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