The president of National TV Company of Ukraine Taras Stetskiv declared that in case of holding FIBA Euroleague Final Four on April 26-28 in Palace of Sport, the song contest "Eurovision", which must take place in Palace of Sport also, can be deranged.

According to Stetskiv, he understands the importance of both competitions, but "Eurovision" has made the contract earlier and can not allow to hold Final Four because of lack of time, "" reported.

Stetskiv reminded that Turkey needed two months for building the stage, but organizers of "Eurovision" in Ukraine will have only two weeks.

"If they take these three days, we will not have time for preparation to "Eurovision", - Stetskiv said.

According to his words, National TV Company appealed to Vice-premier Nickolay Tomenko, Youth and Sport minister Yurii Pavlenko with a query to find another place for conducting Final Four or to discuss the transferal of competition with FIBA.

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