Daughter of the president of the USA John Kennedy - Caroline Kennedy - and his younger brother the senator Edward Kennedy presented the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko with a prestige award "Profile in courage" in the name of John Kennedy.

The solemn ceremony of presentation took place in the building of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation in Boston (state Massachusetts).

"Victor Yushchenko himself is the "profile of courage" for ages. I know that my brother would be very proud of him", - the senator Kennedy declared during the ceremony. According to him, "Yushchenko’s way to presidency affected the hearts of millions of people in the whole world, who fight with tyranny, repressions and injustice, and brought them a hope to find freedom", RIA "Novosty" reported. 

" In the face of corruption, intimidations and danger he remained faithful to the ideas of freedom, democracy and supremacy of law. His courage inspired the citizens of whole world", - said Caroline Kennedy, presenting the Ukrainian president with the silver award in the form of a lamp.

The John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award has been annually presented in the USA since 1989 year, secretary general of UNO Kofi Annan, ex-president of the USA Gerald Ford, senator-republican John McCain and other known politicians were Profile in Courage Award laureates.

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