The meeting between the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and the president of the USA George Bush has just begun in Washington.

The meeting takes place in the Oval cabinet of White house - working office of the American president, where all formal meetings with countries' leaders and diplomats are conducted.

The Ukrainian side is represented by the state secretary of Ukraine Alexander Zinchenko, the minister of foreign affairs Boris Tarasuk, the secretary  of National Security and Defence Council Peter Poroshenko, the minister of defence Gricenko, the minister of economy Sergey Terehin, the minister of transport  Eugen Chervonenko, the ambassador of Ukraine in the USA Michael Resnik.  

The vice-president Dick Cheney, the state secretary Condoleezza Rice and the minister of defence Donald Rumsfeld represent the American side.

At the same time the first ladies of Ukraine and the USA Ekaterina Yushchenko and Lora Bush are conducting "tete-a-tete" meeting.

Спасибо за Вашу активность, Ваш вопрос будет рассмотрен модераторами в ближайшее время