The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko arrived in the USA with a five-day working visit. As "Interfax-Ukraine" reported, the president arrived in Washington to the air-base of air forces of the USA "Andrews".

On Monday the president will come in White house, where will meet with the president of the USA George Bush in the oval cabinet.

After the meeting the presidents of Ukraine will speak with representatives of Ukrainian, American and foreign Mass-Media.

Besides, the meeting between the president of Ukraine, the state secretary of the USA Condoleezza Rice and the vice-president of the USA Dick Chaney is planned to take place on Monday on the special ground of the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko.

Also on Monday the president of Ukraine will speak in the United States Chamber of Commerce, and later before students and faculty advisors of Georgetown University.

In 5.30 in the evenings (local time) Yushchenko will depart for Chicago, where will conduct a meeting with the head of the Chicago council of foreign affairs Marshall Button. The president also will communicate with representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Chicago.

Since 1991 Chicago and Kiev have been the twin cities.


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