The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko confirmed the fact of illegal sale of cruise missiles X-55, able to carry the nuclear war-head, to Iran and China by the previous government of Ukraine.

"Unfortunately, I confirm it", -Yushchenko reported in the interview to the American broadcasting company NBC in Kiev.

"A few days ago I got a report that the sale was conducted through a few men of straw", - Yushchenko said, RIA "Novosty" informed.

The president reported also, that the rockets X-55 had been sent to Iran and China with the help of a counterfeit contract in which Russia was indicated as a country-recipient.

The copy of the contract, which the broadcasting company has familiarized with, contains the necessary licensing stamps for export of 20 cruise missiles to Russia, which, as NBC marks, denies any involvement to this deal.

Referring to sources in the special services of the USA, the broadcasting company reports that Ukraine has sent six rockets to Iran and six to China, but Ukrainian officials name contradictory numbers concerning these deliveries.

Rockets were made in 1987 and were contained in the very bad technical state, sources in the special services of the USA assert.

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