The picketing of building of State Secretariat of President began in support of the TV channel NTN, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

Demonstrators hold state flags, flags of Socialistic Party of Ukraine and of Youth Union of Ukraine.

They stand with placards: "Yushchenko – where is a promised freedom?", "NTN: freedom, truth to the people", "Power, hands off NTN".

Besides, demonstrators cry out "Together we are many, NTN will not be defeated".

People, who have come to support the channel, declared in an interview to our correspondent that "NTN is a cultured channel which reports actual and operative news".

The general director of NTN Alexander Ilyashenko gave the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko the requirements concerning General Prosecution to recall the illegal lawsuit against the TV channel NTN. The president promised to examine this question, ForUm’s correspondent informed.

However, Lyashenko marked that demonstrators were not going to leave, as nothing had been decided.

Besides, employees of the TV channel have broken symbolically a TV set.


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