The known Russian businessman Boris Beresovsky asserts that he has all records of the major Nickolay Melnichenko, however he does not know whether they are originals or copies.

"According to a statement of Melnichenko, confirmed by facts, he gave all records which he had without exception", - said Beresovsky in an interview to "Gazeta po-kievsky". 

"The question, whether these are copies or originals, is important from the legal point of view, but is not substantial from the point of public meaningfulness. Today nobody doubts that these records are authentic", - the businessman declared.

Beresovsky has reported also, that his fund was ready to represent decoding of all records of Melnichenko. "The fund of civil liberties is absolutely opened to represent all available records to society", - he said.

He declared also that there is recorded information "about criminal actions of the president of Russia, who organized conspiracy with the previous mode, therefore Russia very fears what can be published as a result of examination of these records", - Beresovsky underlined.

The businessman could not name the date of his arrival to Ukraine, referring to that he has not got a visa. "I consider that two positions came into collision – position of the minister of justice of Ukraine Mr.Zvarych, proclaimed officially, and position of political forces,  who were scared of my arrival", - Beresovsky said.

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