The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko forecasts gryvna's revaluation during this year. He declared about it on a press-conference in Kiev.

As Yushchenko said, "probably, we need to expect strengthening of course of national monetary unit".

As UNIAN’s correspondent reported, at the same time Yushchenko marked that the National bank must determine the policy of gryvna strengthening, coordinating it with Ministry of economy. "These are two key institutes, which can sharply define and proclaim this policy", - the president marked.

Offering Verhovna Rada to adopt the governmental amendments in the state Budget-2005, the chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Vladimir Stelmah declared on March, 25, on behalf of NBU, that 10% strengthening of course of national currency exchange responds increase of inflation by 1-2%.

Before, the minister of economy Terehin forecast that the average annual course of a gryvna to a dollar would make 5,0-5,1 points.


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