Commenting problems of new opposition creation, the leader of Party of regions Victor Yanukovich underlined that party and he personally, as a political figure, went in opposition not for the revenge’s sake or some ambitions, the press-service of the party reported to ForUm.

"As a political party we will represent interests of the Ukrainian people. We will oppose to concrete actions of power, and to form the tactic on the basis of it", - Victor Yanukovich said.

According to him, inflexibility of opposition will depend on actions of power in a great deal. If political approaches and estimations, principles of "revolutionary expedience" dominate, but not the law, opposition will be stronger and more numerous. "If power puts the law in basis of its activity and respects different opinions and political faith of citizens, it will reduce tension in the relations between the power and the opposition, and in society in general", - Yanukovich marked.

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