The Minister of Justice of Ukraine Roman Zvarych stated that some members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine are lobbying the interests of "the absolutely corrupted business structures".

"This, first of all, is happening in the oil-processing domain",- he declared yesterday to the "5-channel".
"I was much interested in what was going on in the oil-processing domain, considering the existence of concealed schemes of the double return of VAT, and continuous involvement of the particular plants in suchlike schemes and dishonest affairs for many years ", - said Mr. Zvarych, MIGnews reported.

Answering the question about the names of concrete governors, the minister refutes to reveal surnames, having said that this question is in General Office of Public Prosecutor reference. "I do not have particular evidence concerning components of crime, though in case the process goes on, we will raise the issue on the level of the Prosecutor General ", - Mr. Zvarych added.

Once again he confirmed his personal position concerning the necessity of abolishing the governmental decision to forbid oil re-export and stated that the Cabinet should not intrude into the foreign-economic activity of the companies. "This is my principal position and I do not deny my words", - the minister said.

"If Cabinet continues to make illegal decisions, breaking the Constitution, I do not see a reason for existence of such ministry as Ministry of Justice", - Zvarych declared.

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