In Vienna, on Tuesday hearings start at the claim of the former head physician of the Viennese private clinic "Rudolfinerhaus" Lotar Wiche, asserting, that Victor Yushchenko was not poisoned.

Dr Wicke is now suing the Rudolfinerhaus for substantial damages. He claims that he was forced out of his job for refusing to go along with the poisoning diagnosis.

Viktor Yushchenko, the Ukrainian president, was treated for dioxin poisoning in the clinic at the end of last year.

"The first two times Mr Yushchenko was examined, there was no evidence of poisoning whatsoever,"- Dr Wicke said on the press-conferece last year and two days ago he told Telegraph about it in the interview.

As former doctor reported, he signed a diagnosis that "Yushchenko was not poisoned". According to him, this diagnosis was signed by the president of the clinic "Rudolfinerhaus" Michael Zimpfer, which, however, after a journey together with Yushchenko to Kiev, changed his opinion.

In the claim Lotar Wicker asserts that "the official announcement said I left of my own free will but that wasn't the case."

After having made his feelings public at the end of September, Mr.Wicker was threatened by phone.

"A man speaking accented English rang Dr Wicke and introduced himself as "a friend from the Ukraine". He said the man told him to "take care. Your life is in danger". Dr Wicke and his family were then put under 24-hour police guard.

As there are holidays in Austria (Easter Sunday and Easter Monday), journalists do not know which court of Vienna will examine the claim of Lotar Wicker.

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