Ukraine has unique intellectual potential which must be involved in modern manufacture of defensive industry and military-technical complex.

The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko declared about it to journalists after presentation of the new leader of state company "Ukrspetsexport" Sergey Bondarchuk.
According to the press-service of the country's leader, during the meeting with top executives of the company Yushchenko, in particular, underlined that "Ukraine must be known in all continents". "We are absent on some markets not because of deficit of suggestions, but due to deficit of political will and also last scandals", - the president said. One of the main questions for "Ukrspetsexport" is "to find a proper way of representing our huge possibilities on these markets", - he underlined.

"To represent Ukrainian national interests in industry of military manufacture properly, Ukraine has to form a new policy in this direction", - the president is convinced. "Thus we must avoid transactions which would end with scandals", - Yushchenko marked. "Our hands should be clean, especially in such delicate sphere, like this", - the country's leader added.

The president reported also, that new strategy of work will be offered "Ukrspetsexport" in two weeks. "The main task of the company is new technologies", - the president marked. "Accents must be paid on production, not on renovation and major repairs".


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