After the second round of presidential elections Victor Yushchenko should have been shot to death.

The leader of State Security Department, ex-guard of Yushchenko, Peter Pluta reported about it in an interview to the newspaper "Ukraina moloda".

Pluta told that during hustings Yushchenko "faced dangers, especially after the second round of elections. Well, I will give you an example: Yushchenko should have been shot. There were groups of people which were trained specially for this".

Answering the question where he had got such information from, he said: "Ministry of internal affairs, Security Service reported...". According to Pluta, such information was reported "unofficially". "It was honest workers of these departments which were true to the oath and executed their duties in accordance with the law and officer honour".

Concerning the question about Yushchenko’s poisoning, Peter Pluta said that "very probably", a poison was poured during the supper with the head of Security Service Smeshko and his deputy Satsuk. "Before the supper Victor Andreyich did not eat and drink anything".

Concerning the incident with a truck "KamAZ" in summer 2004 years Pluta told that "indisputably, it was the threat of presidential candidate’s life".

"Yushchenko’s car tried three times to drive around this truck, which aimed to drive it in a ditch, and succeeded only from the third time".

"Therefore to provide Yushchenko’s safety since he has taken the post of the president became more difficult. His aspiration to be among people did not disappear. In fact, it is necessary to reconstruct the work so that to provide him with a guard and to do it insensibly for people’s eyes, to they do not take offence neither at us nor at the president", - Pluta added, "Ukraynskaya Pravda" reported.

However he underlined that State Security Department guarantees Yushchenko’s safety. "You can be absolutely sure that we guarantee safety of the president".

Peter Pluta says that guard treats people which gather under the secretariat of the president and which Yushchenko talk to with understanding.

Answering the question, if it is possible to attempt on Yushchenko from such crowd, Pluta said: "Our people work among those, who takes part in such meetings under presidential secretariat".

Pluta told also, that they had tried to "bring to minimum" closing of streets during Yushchenko’s travel. "Workers of state auto inspection stop vehicular traffic in the very moment of travel and in some moments recommence it".

Answering the question, what changed in the system of guard as compared to times of Kuchma, Pluta said: "There are more democracy and openness... The president put a clear requirement: a guard must guard, but in the way of to not disturb people".

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