In the interview of general public prosecutor Svyatoslav Piskun to English edition "Financial Times" the question was about contraband of 12 cruise missiles to Iran and China, the press-service of general prosecution reports on Friday.

In the article of the journalist Tom Warner "Ukraine acknowledges the export of rockets to Iran and China" from March, 18 the author refers to the interview and writes that Ukraine has acknowledged the fact of export of 12 cruise missiles to Iran and 6 rockets to China in 2001.

"In fact, in this interview the question was not about the export, but about contraband, and not of 12 cruise missiles to Iran and 6 rockets to China, but only about 12 cruise missiles both to Iran and China", - the report of the press-service says, "Interfax-Ukraine" informed.

General Prosecution declared that information, widespread in Mass-Media about the sale of cruise missile abroad by Ukraine, is contrary to fact. In Piskun’s interview to the newspaper the question is about contraband, not state export.

According to fact of crime security Service of Ukraine brought an action against the director of enterprise "Ukraviazakaz" Mr. Evdokimov. From August, 2004 the case is tried by the Appeal court of the Kiev region privately.

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