One of leaders of Kirghiz opposition Kurmanbek Bakiev has held simultaneously two higher positions in Kirghizia - a president and a premier.

The decision of transport of two high state posts to Bakiev was made by Council of public representatives - upper chamber of Kirghiz parliament of previous convocation.

Thus, the former decision of parliament of new convocation about appointing Ishenbay Kadirbekov as acting president was abolished, "ITAR-TASS" reports. 

Immediately after appointment Bakiev called Russia to help the country. The acting president declared that Kirghizia "is waiting for help from Russia to settle the situation and decide urgent economic questions. Kirghizia and Russia always had amities".

During the meeting of lower chamber of parliament taking place on Friday deputies declared that acting president and Prime Minister Kurmanbek Bakiev would appoint new government by his decree and procedure of assertion would not be required. According to Bakiev, they explained that acting president immediately had to organize new Cabinet.

Deputies called the next meeting on Saturday.

Bakiev reported that new government would be created "only for three months till presidential elections".


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