Court delayed the hearing of the case "Yushchenko against Herman" for the eighth time.

The press-service of Victor Yanukovich informs: "On March 24, Pechersky district court of Kiev delayed for the eighth time the hearing of the case at the suit of Yushchenko against Herman concerning defence of honour and dignity. According to the judge Umnova’s statement, the court had not had money to send registered notice to Victor Yushchenko and did not know whether Yushchenko was informed about time and place of court meeting. In opinion of Anna Herman’s representative Olena Lukash, the fact that the claimant Victor Yushchenko has failed to appear in court eight times is a cause for halting investigation."

We remind Yushchenko accuses Anna Herman of hurting his honour and dignity by her comments during events in Ivano-Francovsk on Septembers, 24, 2004,  
An incident with Yanukovich happened on Septembers, 24 during his visit to Ivano-Francovsk. According to data from Ministry of Internal Affairs, some persons threw heavy objects, which got into head and breast, into the premier when he went out the bus in front of the building of local university. The 17-years-old student Dmitry Romanuk was arrested, and criminal case was instituted according to the article "hooliganism" of criminal code of Ukraine. The student was released later, and case was closed.

Commenting this incident, Anna Herman said: "Radical representatives of "Our Ukraine" behaved so aggressively, that guards of the prime minister had to protect him".

Some political forces blamed Yushchenko’s team in this incident.

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