Law defenders sent the second requirement to the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko to halt illegal practice of restricting normatively-legal acts.

According to the co-chairman of the Kharkov remedial group regarding human rights Eugene Zaharov, on March, 16 he personally sent the second letter concerning this matter, signed by 580 citizens and 32 public organizations. According to Zaharov, he did not get an answer for the first appeal, which was violation of Law of Ukraine "About the appeal of citizens", which set a monthly term for reacting.

As declared in repeated appeal, during period from January, 28 to March, 1 34 Decrees of President got an illegal (not responding a single Law in the Constitution of Ukraine) stamp "not for publishing" "despite the requirements of articles 6, 19, 34 of the Constitutions of Ukraine and the principle of power openness proclaimed by You (Yushchenko)".

The participants of a press-conference reported that in case if these "disgraceful things" were not be halted and the authors of appeal did not get an answer for the letter, they would be forced to do "very annoying, forced, but extremely necessary for defence of Right and spirit of orange revolution step" - to appeal to the court.   

Zaharov also paid attention to that except for 36 "secret" Decrees of President, the first document with the stamp "top secret" was issued by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine – regulation №182 from March, 12. "It appears very strange, because Julia Timoshenko said recently, that Cabinet declassifies 5-10 normatively-legal acts with such illegal stamps on every meeting.  A question arises: where did the new one appear from? And what is more important, where are those acts, which were declassified?", - Zaharov marked.

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