By the end of the year the level of inflation in Ukraine can rise to 27% and it will happen  in the case of acceptance of changes in state budget - 2005, the PM Valery Konovaluk considers. The deputy declared about it on today’s press-conference.

He marks also, that the official state budgeted deficit is 5,4 milliard gryvnas and the hidden one exceeds 7 milliard.

According to Konovaluk, "any increase of pensions and salaries will be imperceptible from the point of improvement of people’s life". The deputy explains it that simple increase without correlation with the real prices will not give the effect expected by Cabinet.

Konovaluk also told about his visit with the group of PMs to the Vladimirsky market of the capital to form a basket of goods for the minister of finance and minister of economy of Ukraine. Having bought basic products, deputies paid 400 gryvnas. In their opinion, such quantity of products can be enough for one family for a week.

The deputies drew a conclusion that a minimum wage was not correlated with a subsistence level, noticing that only during January-February of present year prices for some products rose on 16-23%.

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