Chairman of Verhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Litvin considers that parliament will not be able to make decision about holding parliamentary elections and local council elections at different time.

Answering questions on today’s press-conference, Litvin marked that all talks concerning this problem would finish by simultaneous elections, although, according to him, this time they would be very difficult, "Obcom" reported.

Litvin marked that there are about 120 parties registered for today, and even if 1/3 of them took part in elections, a voting paper would look like a sheet.

Litvin considers also, that the result of parliamentary elections will show, whether Ukraine passed a point of failure to return. According to him, one of features of forthcoming parliamentary elections is that those political forces which have won presidential elections will try to strengthen victory, and defeated party will try to gain revenge.

According to Litvin, the second feature of forthcoming parliamentary elections is that these elections actually will define a prime minister aside from whether the changes in Constitution inure.

Chairman of VR is convinced that parliament will become more structured after parliamentary elections 2006.


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