Press-service of Party of regions refutes information widespread by some Mass Medias that the leader of the party Victor Yanukovich intends to emigrate from the country.

As reported in the press-service of the party, "some Mass Medias arbitrarily interpreted the words of Yanukovich in the interview to the weekly "Kiev telegraph".

According to data from the press-service, actually Yanukovich declared in the interview: "Elections - 2006 are my great expectation. If our society did not ripen, if it supported the policy of raging of illegality, violations of human rights, it would be impossible to live in this country".

Answering the direct question whether he would leave Ukraine in this case, Yanukovich said: "Maybe I will leave. I will not be able to live in such country. However, there were such periods in life of many countries. And there are a lot of people which felt it deeply. But presently, I consider there are no grounds for leaving Ukraine. I consider that it is possible and is needed to fight. And I will fight".

"There was a period in my life, when they wanted to kick me out of my native land. I experienced it. I won over officials, which practised lawlessness in the system of law machinery and justice. It had cost me many years of life, but I survived this fight", – he added.

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