The Committee of voters of Ukraine(CVU) calls to bring an action against the Russian singer Nickolay Baskov for political agitation during presidential elections in Ukraine. Besides, CVU demands to forbid Baskov Ukraine.

CVU marks that during his performance on the concert for supporting Yanukovich in Cherkassy on November, 12, 2004 Baskov cried out the following: "Government and the president of Russia will not allow kneeling Ukraine to America", "Only in Russia Ukrainians can stay 90 days without any registration! If you go to America, you think, they will meet you like this?", "Do not wave your red flags, take them and get away to America!".

The report of commission says that "these utterances of the singer contradict the following articles of Law of Ukraine:

  • Part 1 article 64 of Law of Ukraine "On elections of president of Ukraine", according to which participation of persons which are not citizens of Ukraine in pre-election agitation is forbidden,
  • Article 157 of Criminal code of Ukraine (" deception, threats ...or by other methods to free realization of citizen right to elect and be elected as the president of Ukraine"),
  • Article 161of Criminal code of Ukraine ("Intentional actions directed to exasperating of national, racial or religious enmity and hatred, humiliation of national honour and dignity or insult to senses of citizens in connection with their religious persuasions, and also direct or indirect limitation of rights or establishment of direct or indirect privileges to citizens according to their race, color of skin, political, religious and other persuasions...").
"As it is planned Baskov’s arrival to Ukraine, CVU appeals to public authorities of Ukraine to forbid the citizen of Russian Federation Nickolay Baskov the country and asks the proper law machinery to bring an action against the singer", - the report says.

Also CVU calls the diplomatic representative offices of the United States of America "to respond to the facts of exasperating of international enmity between the Ukrainian and American people, humiliation of national dignity of citizens of the USA".


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