The executive committee of football Federation of Ukraine made decision to reinstate Oleg Blohin in position of the head of the national football team of Ukraine. 

"It remained only to register officially this decision", - the first vice-president of the federation Alexander Bandurko declared.

According to Bondurko, "before the executive committee satisfied Blohin’s resignation by 14 against 10 voices, however it changed the opinion, having got millions of letters and telegrams from fans which are against Blohin’s resignation". "We are convinced, that Oleg Vladimirovich will listen to them", - he declared.

If Oleg Blohin does so, it will complicate the case about termination of his deputy’s plenary powers in connection with combination of two positions.On March, 17 the advocate of Blohin gave his resignation application from the post of the head of the national football team of Ukraine to Court. It was expected, that in this day the court would close the case for lack of the subject of dispute. However, it certainly will arise again, if Blohin gets back in the national football team.

We remind, regular committee of VRU sent in the Appeal court of Kiev an application concerning legality of combination of deputy’s plenary powers with the work on the post of the head of the national football team of Ukraine by Oleg Blohin.

On March, 16, PM of Ukraine Oleg Blohin, speaking in VRU, declared about his resignation from the post of the head of the national football team, "Interfax-Ukraine" reported.

The executive committee of Football Federation of Ukraine accepted resignation of the head of the national football team of Ukraine, PM Oleg Blohin, ForUm’s correspondent reported.

Blohin was elected in parliament on a list of Communist party. Presently he is the member of faction of SDPU (u). From September, 18, 2003 - the head of the National football team of Ukraine.

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