On the V Whole-Ukrainian Convention "Narodniy Ruh of Ukraine is for unity" the organization Ukrainian National Assemble – Ukrainian National Self-Defence (UNA-UNSO) spread the statement that the "cosmopolitan regime which rules in Ukraine after elections presses the members of UNA-UNSO", ForUm’s correspondent reports.

The statement says that in December-2004, January-2005 representatives of Ministry of Justice "conducted total inspections of organization members and its supporters, brutally rushed in the houses of citizens on the eve of New-Year and during Christmas holidays".

UNSO asserts also, that members of this organization were called in the local organs of justice and required to confirm their belonging to this organization in written form.

Besides, the statement says that even new power, in particular 'renewed" Ministry of justice disagrees to register UNA-UNSO. "The today ruling liberally-socialistic regime prepares to do that has not been managed by its predecessors: to destroy the organization".

"We warn "revolutionary power", that if it attempts to destroy organization we will react in decisive, unexpected and asymmetric manner. We will not hold meeting under Secretariat of president and apartments of prime minister. UNA-UNSO is not "Pora" or "Fraternity". Everything will be done unfashionably, ungallantly, inelegantly and in uncultured manner".

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