Victor Yushchenko is ready to "do everything" to Russian businessmen "live better in Ukraine , than in Russia". The Ukrainian president declared about it in the interview to the newspaper "Comersant".

According to Yushchenko, he actually "outbids" Russian business-elite. Thus he admitted that he had not discussed this question with the president of Russia, because "it could be scarcely co-ordinated", "" reported.

He marked also, that representatives of the largest Russian companies "understood, which role they played in Ukraine", and Ukraine, in turn, "had to understand, which principles of approach it should provide business of such level with".

Besides, Yushchenko said that it was important for a businessman to live in a country, "where law worked". According to his opinion, it concerns businessmen from Russia also, who though do not live in Ukraine, but work there, which is "the same". If a businessman believes in "supremacy of law, this is the most important gift for a market, for an investor and, certainly, for a country", the president of Ukraine considers. He declared that for establishment of such "supremacy" Ukraine would be ready to accept any suggestions from businessmen, even those which implied amnesty of capital. "But there is one condition: we need to see their public work with power".

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