The ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma once again underlined in an interview to the Russian newspaper "Vremia Novostey" that "the operation named "Melnichenko’s records" was a planned action directed against him personally".

"In the General Office of Public Prosecutor they asked me about veracity of the major Melnichenko’s records. I repeated what I said before: I do not consider them true", - Kuchma marked.

"But I am almost sure that this "cassette scandal" is a planned action directed against me personally. I do not believe that the major Melnichenko plays the leading role in this story. Remember the story with radars "«Kolchuga", which Ukraine allegedly sold to Iraq by my personal instructions. There were also records and some witnesses... All burst like a soap-bubble! Besides, it was well-proven by examinations, that Melnichenko’s records were assembled", - Kuchma said.  

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