On March, 11 the head of commission of party Narodny ruh of Ukraine charged with the investigation of Vyacheslav Chornovil’s death Nickolay Stepanenko, returning home on his car “Renault”  in the evening, felt an explosion from below the car.

Stepanenko managed to stop the car and to turn off the road. Another car immediately stopped after him and the driver offered Stepanenko to put sign of safety near his car. When Stepanenko was putting the sign on the road, the brief-case with the materials related to investigation of Vyacheslav Chornovil’s death disappeared from his car, "Tribune" reported.

"As turned out at the technical station, someone untwisted a shock absorber, two screw-bolts from a cardan which broke away during the trip, cutting the floor and nearly chopping off my feet".

He marked that this was not the first attempt to intimidate him.

Nickolay Stepanenko assures that there are a few copies of these documents, and the main materials of the case are spared. "Let the thieves keep the documents for memories", - Stepanenko declared.

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