Law machinery of Dnepropetrovsk region exposed the organized criminal group which was recruiting and taking abroad minor girls 12-16 years old for further sale with the purpose of sexual exploitation. The criminal group operated in 2002-2004 years, using methods of corruption.

On March, 11 Office of public prosecutor arrested three members of the group, among which there was an official of criminal police of Dneprovsky region department of internal affairs of Dneprodzerjinsk. Roles in the criminal group were sharply defined. The material reward was distributed in accordance with charges. For the export of girls from Ukraine men-customers in Moscow cashed 100 dollars, for the transmission in sexual slavery - 1 thousand more.

According to the public prosecutor of Dneprodzerjinsk Sergey Borisov, criminals took senior girls abroad by the method of persuasions, and 12-14-years-old - by trick.

Borisov marked that parents of girls, taken to Russia, applied to police with the statements about disappearance of the children, but these statements were ignored. According to him, all girls got back to Dneprodzerjinsk, “UNIAN” informed.

Office of public prosecutor in Dneprodzerjinsk brought in two criminal cases. Suspected persons can be imprisoned on a term from 8 to 12 years.

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