Kiev determines on reduction of the Crimean autonomy. The leader of SDPU (u) Efim Fix expressed such opinion on the conference on March, 12 in Crimea.

"Judging by regular publications directed against autonomy, this is a planned action. All Ukrainian Mass-Media participate in the propagandist attack on the republic", - Fix declared.

Besides, new chief of the Crimean police head quarters was appointed without the concordance with Supreme Council of autonomy. Fix reminded that according to the Constitution of Crimea, ratified by the Ukrainian law, appointment of the main Crimean policeman must be carried out only after the concordance with republican parliament.

"When the deputy of minister of internal affairs Gennady Moscal was reminded about it, he answered that everything had been concerted with the president, and they would not consult with local authorities. All these facts say that Crimean politicians and social forces have to be more decisive in defending of autonomy rights", - the PM declared.

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