Two passenger busses of brand "Neoplan" got to a snow-drift coming from Slavutsky district of Hmelnitskaya region to Rovenschina, near a village Staryj Korets, on March, 10 in the morning. There were 35 foreign tourists - citizens of the USA accompanied by five Ukrainians. The purpose of arrival to Ukraine was a visit to memorable places of the former Jewish settlements.

Bus drivers deviated from a set route and rode on a rural road. In spite of snowdrifts the drivers were stubbornly moving on a block up road. And in the morning two buses were firmly stuck in snow, not reaching the motorway Kiev-Chop more than 5 kilometres. Fortunately, the drivers called at once "01", fire-rescue service of Rovenskaya region, and asked for help.

After two-hour fight against elements salvors cleared the road in length more than 5 kilometres. Escorted by a fire-engine busses safely got to the motorway Kiev-Chop.

None of the tourists suffered, but they gained an unforgettable impression about real Ukrainian winter and "real Ukrainian men".


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