The layer of Lesya Gongadze Andrey Fedur considers that the ex-minister of internal affairs Yurij Kravchenko, found dead last Friday in his summer residence with two fire wounds in head, was killed.

Andrey Fedur declared about it in the interview to the agency "News -Ukraine". "I am convinced, that this is a real murder" – the advocate said, adding, that he "had such impression, that if there were not two shots, but three or four and etc, they would talk about suicide anyway".

"Time between two shots was absolute insignificant. In this connection it would be very interesting to read, and better – to look into eyes of those experts who defined the sequence of body harms' origin with such lightness and so quickly. Nevertheless, nobody doubted that Kravchenko shot himself first at the chin, and then in the temple," – Fedur marked.

He also presented another case in favour of the version of murder: "A church read the burial service over Kravchenko. But it is prohibited for suicides. I do not think that priests became so indifferent. In fact this is one of the strictest church's canons. It is not a legal argument, but nevertheless…".

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