The ex-guard of Kuchma Nickolay Melnichenko and the ex-PM Alexander Eliashkevich declared about their intention to come back to Ukraine during the meeting with Tomenko, vice-prime minister of Ukraine, in Warsaw. "They confirmed the willingness to arrive to Ukraine and to give materials and testimonial evidence which would help to complete investigation of Gongadze’s murder", - underlined Tomenko.

He marked also, that an essential condition of their returning was a guarantee of complete safety of their stay in Ukraine and revision of the case about murderous assault of Eliashkevich.

We remind that in November, 2000 Melnichenko promulgated audio records, allegedly made in the cabinet of the president Leonid Kuchma. Records caught the president and other high public servants in implication in pressure on journalists, deputies, judges, also in the journalist George Gongadze’s death and in the sale of radars "Kolchuga" to Iraq.

In April, 2001 Melnichenko got political asylum in the USA. His records were repeatedly examined, but they were not proven to be either reliable or faked-up.

In February, 2000 Eliashkevich was attacked and hospitalized. He declared repeatedly, that the attack had not been casual. Referring to the fragments of records the ex-deputy accused Leonid Kuchma of attempt.

In September, 2002 Eliashkevich got political asylum in the USA.

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