Hairdresser Roman Gavrish from Lvov offered new haircut to women on the eve of March, 8. He mastered an age-old technology of the Slavs - to do hair-cuts with fire.

Opened fire does not scare women; the hairdresser-innovator has a long waiting list.

According to master’s words, he "came across a chronicle, where ancestors-Slavs wrote about healthful influence of fire on human hair". There was also an engraving with the image of ancient barbers with fire.

Having consulted with physicians, he found the clue of "fiery hair-cutting". During the so-called organism’s spring beriberi, hairs begin to split and fire "solders up" hair tips.
However, for such exotic method of hair-cutting the master had to construct a kind of a jewellery gas-jet with thin and sharp – as a blade - flame. By exact movements the hairdresser cuts off and simultaneously "solders up" the hair tips. 

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