"I did not expect such pressure on Mass-Media, and it causes a serious alarm", - the chairman of the National association of journalists of Ukraine Igor Lubchenko declared during opening of national journalist conference "Reformation of Mass-Media in Ukraine".
Igor Lubchenko laid strictures on statement of the vice-prime minister re humanitarian questions Nickolay Tomenko and the state secretary Alexander Zinchenko concerning the necessity of "retirement of state Mass-Media editors" and on desire to destroy a branch press.

Chairman of NAJU scarified Tomenko’s thesis about immediate financial limitation of state Mass-Media budget. "And what to do with 12 thousand journalists which work there, and what to say to12 millions readers, when these editions cease to exist?"
New power decision to conduct the process of lustration among journalists was also criticizes. "It is nonsense. Journalists were never subjected to lustration in any country of East Europe after revolution", - the chairman marked. According to him, not journalists, who wrote ordered articles, but founders of those MASS-MEDIA who gave these orders must be persecuted.

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