General Office of public prosecutor brought an action concerning the fact of death of the former minister of internal affairs Yurij Kravchenko.

As reported before, Kravchenko was found dead in his summer residence in the morning on Friday. Exactly at that day he had to be testified in connection with Gongadze’s case.

The ex-minister left a deathbed message, which was found in his pocket, and in which he explained his action by the desire to protect his family from attacks.  The dead accused the ex-president Leonid Kuchma and his surroundings of happened. Officially nobody promulgated the content of message.

The Head of Security Service of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov declared that preliminary reason of death Yurij Kravchenko was suicide. He twice shot himself at the head, the chief of SSU reported.

Explaining problematical character of version about two shots, Turchinov said: "Examination of the body showed that this was logical enough". He explained that at first Kravchenko shot at the chin from his personal weapon. "But at the last moment, probably, the hand faltered, and a bullet passed through the mouth. This shot was not mortal. Then he shot at the right temple" - said Turchinov.

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