The most possible candidature on post of party head is the vice-premier Roman Bezsmertny, the leader of organizational committee working group re creation of new propresidential  party on the base of block "Our Ukraine" Yurij Ehanurov expressed such opinion.

Among political forces which declared about intention to be broken up after joining "Our Ukraine", Ehanurov named, in particular, party "Solidarity" and Youth party.

He expects that party "Unity", leader of which - the mayor of Kiev Alexander Omelchenko - takes part in organizational committee work, will also join new political force.

Concerning parties-allies of president Yushchenko, which refused being included in new party, Ehanurov said it would just help to define party’s ideology.
According to Ehanurov prognoses, the process of party expansion will enter an active phase already after the constituent convention, which must take place on Saturday March, 5 in Palace of sport in Kiev.

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