Descendants of mathematician Nickolay Lobachevsky are ready to join the court claim given by the great-grandchild of the writer Dostoevsky Olga Shipova against the lottery company "Honest game".

According to Shipova , all documents are collected, although she is "heartfelt sorry for disturbing memory of ancestor". In the case of victory she intends to give money to the fund of Kazansky University, the rector of which was Lobachevsky, or to memorial museum of the mathematician.

The case is concerned the images of prominent Russians figures on lotteries tickets.
Portraits of Feodor Dostoevsky and Nickolay Lobachevsky appeared on the turn of lotteries tickets of the company "Honest game" without the relatives’ consent. At the beginning of February great-grandchild of Dostoevsky, habitant of Saint Petersburg Dmitry Dostoevsky, declared to Moscow court the requirement to acknowledge illegal the use of image of writer.

Dostoevsky – junior considers actions of lottery creators the insult of memory of great-grandfather which long time beyond measure carried with the games of chance. As an indemnification the plaintiff requires 200 thousand roubles which will be expended for celebration of 500-aniversary of Dostoevsky kind next year.
The descendant of writer even patented the family last name as a commodity sign. It is a forced measure. Otherwise how to press merchants?" - Dmitry Dostoevsky explained. According to him, only in Petersburg there are gambling hall "Dostoevsky" and hotel "Dostoevsky".

Meantime, LTD. "Management of the Sporting lottery" - "Honest game" declared that the company pursued only elucidative goals. "The participant of lottery gets possibility to familiarize with biography of the great writer on the ticket reverse" - reported press secretary of company Natella Starodubtseva.


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