Answering the question, whether it is possible to say that Vetrenko and Korchinsky are his allies, he answered: "It is possible to consider that it is so, but we did not execute our relations, it is a future question".

Concerning his oppositional intendments he explained that he would join strict opposition, if "new power did not raise citizens’ living standard and did not pay pensions in time".

Regarding George Gongadze killers’ detention, Yanukovich specified, that "we had to hear final result from judges". "Any conclusions made before court decision are premature", - he added.

He also condemned those, who put a brake on investigation of this case. "I censure those, who did not execute this case at that time. The fact that this business moved does credit to present law machinery".

Answering the question whether Yanukovich will support the group "Greenjolly" which became due to "Orange revolution", he answered: "I do not know the whole process. But I heard that people considered this decision unfair...But as a citizen of Ukraine, I will support it on "Eurovision".


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