The murder of Gongadze was an "excess of performer", - the newspaper "Today" supposed, analyzing information of their sources in Security Service of Ukraine.

The sources told to edition, that, probably, George was killed in the car (which, indeed, was found and put in the garage of general Prosecution). Then the body was buried, but not in Tarashch. Moreover, they tried to burn it, poured by petrol, but the body did not burn. In opinion of newspaper, "excess of performer" happened there. There was no intention to kill; George was shot in the head accidentally. As a bullet remained in the head (and it was a table pistol), they had to dismember body...

The newspaper asserts also, that both detained on Monday are police colonels, and they served in Criminal search service before.... And what is most frightful, they say the general of police Alexey Pukach (direct commander of Criminal search service) personally finished almost dead George Gongadze. "If it is true — there are no words...", - the newspaper writes.

"Murder of George Gongadze is not an "excess of performers", but wilful murder by police officials", - said Lucenko, minister of Internal affairs.

According to him, three officials, participated in murder, are detained, other participants, including general Pukach, are in search.

He reported also, that "the second machine related to murder was delivered to general Office of Public Prosecutor".

In Lucenko’s opinion, the crime was so quickly detected by new power, "because previous power did not give permission to do it neither to police officials nor to General Prosecution".

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