The head of the disappeared journalist George Gongadze is found. One of the known Ukrainian journalists engaged in criminal investigations Oleg Eltsov reported about it to the "5th channel".

According to him, the head of Gongadze is found in Dnepr bay.

Security service of Ukraine refutes this information. According to the press secretary of SSU head Marina Ostapenko, this information does not represent the facts.

We remind that two men, related to Gongadze’s murder, were detained tonight. "These people are the direct participants of the murder. Maybe, they are not the killers, but people which were present at murder", - said a source in law machinery.

The president Victor Yushchenko declared that the direct performers of George Gongadze’s murder are detained and testified.
The president reported also, that he already familiarized with that, how the journalist spent his last hours of life. Yushchenko declared that even dark ages did not see such cruelty.

Besides, Yushchenko revealed to journalists, that former power was a "shelter” for gangsters in this crime. In particular, according to him, ex-General Prosecutor Gennady Vasiliev did everything to "burke" investigation of this case.

According to Yushchenko, next task in Gongadze’s case is to find out the customers of murder.

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