The group "Greenjoly" won over Any Lorak in the final round of elimination match, having collected 2247 voices.

The deputy Taras Chernovil declares that the fact that the group "Greenjoly" will represent Ukraine in Eurovision with the song "Together we are many - impossible to vanquish" is a political order.

"Group "Greenjoly" was the weakest group in the final round. They never had popularity. In comparison with such performers as "Mandry" or Talita Kum they look very poorly", - said Chornovil.

He declared also, that the group had been included in competition with violation of rules and won with the help of vice-prime minister of Ukraine re humanitarian question Nickolay Tomenko. According to Chornovil, during voting on the broadcasting stations calls were filtered and only those regions, where "orange revolution" was popular, took part in voting.

"We have  huge musical culture, and to sacrifice for the sake of some political one-day group is a little carelessly and hastily", - said Chornovil.

As known, the song contest "Eurovision - 2005" will be conducted in Ukrainian capital in May. There will be about 40 delegations, 5-10 thousand audience, more than 2 thousand journalists.

Ukraine got a right to carry through the 50th international contest "Eurovision" after victory of the Ukrainian singer Ruslana in "Eurovision - 2004" in May in Istanbul.

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