Ex-prime minister of Ukraine, leader of Party of Regions Victor Yanukovich declares that only his eldest son carries on business.

"Personally I have no business and did not ever have. My wife does not carry on business also, and the eldest son has just begun. But it is a start only," - he said.

Commenting the statements of PM Nestor Shufrich about pressure on his relatives, Yanukovich declared that his family got anonymous phone calls.

"You know, it was not a direct pressure. But there were anonymous phone calls… Very unpleasant. Such calls come periodically. It concerns my family", - Yanukovich said.

He declared thus, that he did not strengthen family’s guard: "Neither I nor my family did anything bad to anybody. Therefore I do not think that there will be attacks. I consider that these are emotions after elections. It will be stopped soon".

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