Police found a witness who saw as the journalist sat down in the machine, "put by police", and remembered the car. The minister of internal affairs Yurij Lucenko reported about it in the interview to the TV channel ICTV.
"We found those, who put George in the car. This car is also in our hands", - the minister declared.

Lucenko expressed a confidence that police would be able to specify not only those, who detained Gongadze, but also those, who ordered it. "It will be more difficult, but we will show them what's what", - the minister added.

He confirmed thus, that not all policemen who took part in detaining Gongadze were criminals, because they carried out the order of the authority, not knowing that this order was criminal. "If it is necessary to save anonymity or even to finance this case, we will do it. It is the greatest case in the world for today", - Lucenko added.

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